Conditioning Systems

SK - 667 A

Heat Setting Plant

Two/four track heat setter for conditioning lasted upper with steam. Thank to independent temperature and steam controlled system to set different option for different material upper.

Digital display Enables automatic steam control and power saving system. Regulation of speed by servo drive system enables productivity control and quality output. Hot air with steam recycled for penetration of steam to retain the shape of lasted upper as per last.

2/4 track are made as per production capacity and requirement.


SK - 666 A


To Condition the finished shoe before delasting and easy, fast removal of last. Different models are made for different quantity of production. Refrigeration system are exclusively made from European system for high power and long lasting.

Different sizes and length made on customer choice upon their productivity. Thanks to digital display to set the required parameters of chilling temperature and defrosting timing to enable last life of refrigeration packed unit.

Bottom cooling system on customer choice are made for injected shoe production.