Detection System

SK - 7300

Metal Detector

Super strong anti-interference computer chip integrated circuit, up and down two sets of 32 groups of full sensor, equivalent to the traditional dual probe needle machine. It has the function of position display, and the eight points show the exact position of the broken needle.

There are three kinds of alarm functions: voice, light and parking machine. Sensitivity is 1~10 level regulation.

It has counting function, and distinguishes between good quality and defective
products (qualified, total, detection).
Detection ability - ≥Fe 0.7mm
Detection height - 185 mm


SK - 353

UV Machine

Used for irradiation of shoe and sole and EVA MD shoe material, wipe the treatment agent on the shoe material, irradiate with ultraviolet light after drying and light starting agent. Separation produces free radicals, initiates polymerisation increases the polarity of the shoe material and becomes easy to adhere to.

Special style design, low temperature, avoid EVA foaming deformation.

Power - 12 kw
Effective radiation degree - 45 cm