Lasting Systems

SK - 737 A/MA

Toe Lasting Machine

9 pincer hydraulic toe lasting machine with/without thermo plastic injection with/without touch screen display suitable for lasting all type of sports/leather shoes. One set of complete tooling made as per customer last included. All valves, pumps and other electrical components are Taiwan made high quality and reliability.

Pincers - 9/7
Power Motor - 2 HP
Heating Power - 1.75 kw
Oil Pressure - 50 kg/cm2
Productivity - 1600 pairs/8hrs
Machine Size - 1750 x 980 x 1950 mm


SK - 727 A/MA

Seat Lasting Machine

To last the seat or the back part of the upper to enable the permanent shape after moulding. Hydraulic Seat lasting by neoprene or thermo plastic on request. One set of tooling included as per customer design and last. Powerful wipers result in prefect lasting performance.

Power - 2Kw
Dimension - 1200 x 760 x 1420 mm
Weight - 500 kg | Output - 2000 pairs / 8hrs