Conveyor System

SK - 555

Double Layer NIR Cementing Conveyor

Specially designed conventional NIR cementing conveyor with NIR Reactivating chamber and heating element drying chamber with desired length, height suitable for sports shoe production. Thanks to double layer system for independent lasted upper and sole transportation with independent temperature controlled system to reactivate and dry for different material specification. Equipped with lighting, covered panel for elegant design and heat proof cabin for easy operators convenient on shop floor. Customised size, number of chambers, length of conveyor can be provided on request


SK - 559

Single Layer Belt Conveyor - Packing & Lasting

Lasting conveyor with foldable arms, stainless steel chain, PPE rubber belt on customer choice with drying system and NIR chamber for reactivation of glue on uppers and soles.

Thanks to belt conveyor with or without drying chamber for finishing department, easy packing, and inspection of finished shoes.

Desired length, width, height and number of chambers can be made as per customer needs.