Leather Good Processing System


Automatic Edge Gluing Machine


The machine is used to apply the hot melt glue and edge folding work together. The edge folding width is 3mm to 8mm adjustable, and it can also do the work of attaching the reinforce tapes; The machine also with the function of teeth cutting and slowing down on the inner turning area.


TS - 158A

Edge Trimming Machine


This machine trims the edges of the material and cuts them evenly with a sharp knife enabling perfect finished components for wallet manufacturing.



Vertical Rotary Conveyor For Belt/Bags


This conveyor tunnel carry belt on vertical clips hanged for drying ink to avoid spilling on the finished leather. Trays option are made for bag, drying unit after inking.


TS - 142 A/B

Pneumatic Hot Stamping Machine


The machine is to do the embossing work of leather and PU. It is easy to operate the machine. The temperature and working pressure can be easily set according to different material.


TS - 135

Hydraulic Punching Machine


The machine can finish the cutting of belts front end, back end, and punching the holes in one punch. With automatic adjustment system, can easily set the distance of holes between the back end.


TS - 124

4 Wheels Buffing & Polishing Machine


The machine can do the buffing work on irregular items, and as per different purpose can fix the machine with buffing wheel, polishing wheel. With speed adjuster, easy to control the speed.


TS - 123

Vertical Buffing Machine


This machine is used to rough and polish both the edge and upper part of the leather components to give a shine effect. Specially used for belt and wallets.


TS - 119 A/B

Double Edges Inking Machine


The Machine can apply the ink on both sides of the belt, handbag straps, and watch straps; With adjustment device, can easily adjust the speed and ink applying thickness according to the material and its width 3mm-70mm.