Upper Preparation System

SK - HF - 5/8/12

Automatic High Frequency Welding Machine

With advanced hydro-pneumatic system, when working on large items turn on the hydrophilic section, for heavy pressure, and for small items, only use the pneumatic section, more flexible and power saving.

Available models - 5kw, 8kw, 12kw, hydraulic/pneumatic/hydro pneumatic, same side operation, opposite side operation - versions available.


Anti - Spark System
Manage Heavy Pressure
Working Space


  • HF output - 5kw / 8kw / 12 kw

  • Oscillation frequency - 27012 MHz

  • Max pressure - (Air Pressure - 600kg) (oil pressure - 2000kg)

  • Net weight - 450 kg / 530kg

  • Operation Mode - Fully automatic air pressure


SK - 1825

Hot & Cold TPU Fusing Machine

This machine adopts two hot and one cold fusing no sew upper with heating system by elements, on right and left both plates and center plate with refrigerator system to adopt all kind of TPU material to fuse on flynet uppers and synthetic components. Thanks to 5 kw high refrigeration system two achieve high quality fusing on sharp edged components.

Working plate size: 400 x 600 mm
Max pressure: 18 tons
Refrigiration power: 2.5 HP Compressor
Total Power: 19 Kw


SK - 600E + C

Hot & Cold Fusing & Ironing Machine

The machine is used to fusing the toe puff to the upper or small accessories; With Teflon belt can work on high temperature.

With temperature controller, easy to adjust the temperature to reach the good fusing performance.

With build-in chilling unit, after fusing the component, can directly cool the component to make the surface flat and keep in good shape.


SK - 018

Automatic Loop Cutting & Folding Machine

The machine is suitable for multi purpose integrated operations such as footwear, clothing, handcrafts, flying woven shoe uppers, webbing, bag belts, half-folding and cutting The machine adopts a full servo intelligent automatic control system, featuring fast speed, stable performance, high efficiency and simple operation

Knife Stroke - 30mm | Cutting Width - 70 mm
Dimension - 860 x 610 x 1150 mm
Voltage - 220v


SK - 204

Ultrasonic Welding Machine With Gun

The machine is with high quality ultrasonic system, very stable and perfect in performance. The ultrasonic system gives power and heating the mold to do the welding or location work on the shoe upper accessories. The power of giving out by the machine is easy adjust as per the material to work. Easy operate, high efficiency in production.

Voltage: 220V 35KHZ
Power: 500W
Machine size: 400 x 290 x 120mm
Weight: 12KGS


SK - 420-R/RC

Band Knife Splitting Machine

Band Knife spitting machine to split the correct thickness of leather and synthetic components, required precised thickness. With complete sound proof drive system, digital display of thickness monitor to obtain accuracy and perfection.

- Working width - 420 mm
- Max Thickness - 8 mm
- Knife Dimension - 0.7 x 50 x 3500 mm
- Machine Size - 175 x 120 x 145 cm


SK - 558

Automatic Stitching Conveyor

Stitching conveyor for upper, with two trays, adjustable heights with desired length, speed adjustment to regulate production, with lighting system, with bus bar with electrification for easy electric and pneumatic connection.

Suitable for upper production, leather and non-leather, flyknit upper and any conventional stitching department.


SK - 4245

Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Automatic printing head with dryer attached controlled servo speed system suitable for screen printing on flynet upper. Save man power, speed, high productivity and even application of ink.

Custom size glass table can be adapted with linear movement and reverse movement. Specially designed U frame upon your exciting glass printing table included.


SK - XF-700

Flat Lock Stitching Machine / Surge

Equipped with full cold style, automatic lubrication system. This adopt movable protecting device to avoid stitch thread skipping and keep the beautiful stitch.

Specially used for sport shoe upper making production.

Equipped Max Sewing Speed - 5500 Spm
Max Stitch length - 5mm