Lean Assembly System

SK - 667B / 666B Spring Coil Heat Setter/Chiller


This is specialised chilling chamber exclusively designed for lean sport shoe production. The function works as spring coil system wherein shoe pass through a spiral track conveyor inside the refrigerated chamber allows high cooling with long travel in short designed chamber.

This chiller save space, electricity power and unique operator for feeding and receiving of complete shoe.

Voltage - 380v 50hz
Power - 5HP
Machine Size - 170 x 200 x 195 cm
Production Capacity - 100 to 120 pairs/hr


SK - 169 - Drying & Reactivating System


This specialised drying and reactivator completely designed for lean sports shoe production. Thanks to high quality NIR lamp and contemporary design tray with 12/14 stage of movements for medium and high productivity. This machine designed with suction system environmental free and easy to operate desired temperature and speed by digital display for easy operation.

The machine Adopts special duct design, vertical multi-stage temperature control with temperature uniformity, high speed and high efficiency. High precision temperature controlling machine with cabinet.

Voltage - 380v
Power - 30kw
Machine Size - 250 x 210 x 195 cm