Optional Systems


Thermic Fluid Tank

This conventional oil heating thermic tank specially designed for heating system for mould of all injection and compression moulding machines.

This new technology designed with digital display to adjust temperature and timing required for mould heating. Sound proof, environmental-free, cost saving over steam and electric boilers

Special Design upon request - 60kw, 120kw, 180kw

Pump Pressure - 2.2 kg/cm2
Machine Power - 13kw
Machine Size - 1150 x 500 x 1000 mm


SK -816

Liquid Gel Sole Press - Stock Fitting Line

This machine are mainly used for stock fitting line to assemble UV treated EVA sole along with rubber outsole for effective bonding. This machine enables pressure under viscose oil fluid covered by round membrane in order to obtain equal pressure all around the sole for proper bonding.

The hydraulic press machine is not limited by any outsole shape and size of shoes, only 2-6 sec for each pairs of shoes.

Production Capacity - 2000 - 2800 pairs/8h
Machine Power - 3HP
Machine Size - 980 x 860 x 1550 mm
Weight - 1200Kg


Marking Systems

SK - 1680S

Auto Marking Machine

It is a double headed machine with three stage type which is an upgraded version of 1280S. The machine retains the three stage modular design of the 1280s model. The machine maximizes work efficiency, convenience and cost reduction while retaining the advantages of the original model.


  • Working area - 1600 x 800 mm

  • Max Size - 3500 x 2020 x 2300mm

  • Max cutting speed - 2500 mm/s

  • Marking line accuracy - +0.1

  • Weight - 1029 Kg

  • Rated Power - 3.3 Kw

  • Air pressure - 0.4 - 0.8 MAP

  • Rated Voltage - 220v +10%

  • Frequency - 50 - 60hz