Humidification Systems

SK - 341

Toe Humidifier

2 station toe humidifier for softening the toe puff sheet with upper and reactivate before lasting. This machine consist with the streaming system for softening the fibre and nonfibre material enables to reactivate the upper avoiding tears and avoid cracks during lasting.

Dimension - 66 x 62 x 129 cm
Capacity - 2200 pairs / 8h
Electric Supply - 220v / 50 Hz
Power 2.4 kw | Weight - 130 Kg


SK - 342

Heel Humidifier

This machine soften and humidify the counter stiffener with lining and upper material. Hot steam enables to melt the glue and reactivate the stiffener to preform the shape before seat lasting. This machine avoid cracks, line mark during lasting due to the hot air conditioning system.

Dimension - 82 x 52 x 145 cm
Voltage - 380 v; Power - 10 kw
Capacity - 1500 pairs / 8h
Weight - 120 Kg


SK - 341

Total Humidifier

To humidify complete upper before lasting with hot steam. Thank to digital display for control of independent timing & temperature. This system mostly used for synthetic & non-leather humidification of uppers in sport shoe factories.

Voltage - 380V 50-60HZ
Power - 3.5 KW
Machine Size - 90 x 65 x 170cm
Weight - 65KGS


SK - 342

Pipe Humidifier

2/4/6/8 pipe humidifier to soften the strobel stitched flyknit upper before lasting. Independent steam control and timing for each station enabled.

Thanks to alert alarm for process completion with indication. High Productivity. Maintenance-free.

Number of pipes can be customised.