Smart Cutting System

Emma - G2 - 1606

Multi-layer Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine

A new generation of smart cutting machine launched in 2019, separated structure, convenient installation for high-rise, narrow-passage workshop, less space, mature design, main stream machine for mass production


Automatic Typesetting
Automatic Transfer
Precision Screw Drive


  • 2 projectors

  • 2 cutting head working independently

  • Standard configuration: 2 punching tools

  • Multi-layered cutting

  • Multi tool auto transmission

  • Production display

  • Inter connected operations in multiple machines

  • Machine Dimension - 371 x 274 x 202 cm

  • Total Consumption - 10.5 kw

  • Cutting Speed - 1-800mm/s


Laser Cutting System

SK - CW - 1610TY

Laser Design & Cutting Machine

The machine is mainly to cut and engrave ready-to-wear garments, shoes material, cut cloth into pieces, PU leather, and other textiles. Also the machine can be used to engrave on surface of fabric, bamboo, wood, plywood, acrylic, etc.


High Cutting Speed
High Resolution Projector
Low Energy Consumption


  • Laser Power - 130W

  • Cutting Speed - <=800m/s

  • Engraving Speed - <=1000m/s

  • Cooling System - Water cooling and protection

  • Power Supply - AC200v/50Hz

  • File Format - DXF/PLT/BMP/AI/HML/DST

  • Machine Size - 2550 x 1950 x 1450mm

  • Weight - 650Kg


Traditional Cutting System

SK-922 - Swing arm


With lower power consumption, providing a higher cutting speed. Automatic stroke in adjustment. Faster setting of height. Higher saving of leather, cutting time & boards. Full safety for operators, high reliability.


SK-858 - Travel Head


Push Button Control. Really Exceptional trolley displacement speed. High power continuity. Low energy consumption. High Reliability, no primary maintenance required.

Cutting area - 1600 x 500 mm
Arm width - 500 x 500 mm
Max cutting force - 25 Tons/30 Tons


SK-840A - Beam


This type widely used in cutting various non metal materials by die cuts. Double-oil cylinders and precise double crank connecting balance. Special Optimised construction. Central oil automatic lubricating system. Customised machine.

Cutting area - 1600 x 610 mm
Max cutting force - 40 Tons
Stroke - 50 - 200 mm