Traditional Cutting System

SK-922 - Swing arm


With lower power consumption, providing a higher cutting speed. Automatic stroke in adjustment. Faster setting of height. Higher saving of leather, cutting time & boards. Full safety for operators, high reliability.


SK-858 - Travel Head


Push Button Control. Really Exceptional trolley displacement speed. High power continuity. Low energy consumption. High Reliability, no primary maintenance required.

Cutting area - 1600 x 500 mm
Arm width - 500 x 500 mm
Max cutting force - 25 Tons/30 Tons


SK-840A - Beam


This type widely used in cutting various non metal materials by die cuts. Double-oil cylinders and precise double crank connecting balance. Special Optimised construction. Central oil automatic lubricating system. Customised machine.

Cutting area - 1600 x 610 mm
Max cutting force - 40 Tons
Stroke - 50 - 200 mm